Data Engine Based on the YunOS operating system, it applies data from your everyday driving activity to improve and customize every service. The core system supports other system functions, peripherals, and cloud services to bring you a smart, customized, and unbeatable experience.
服务平台 TA能告诉你何时保养,如何预约,在你需要加油或停车时,帮你找到目的地,并支付费用,甚至让你花更少的钱享受更优的服务,且不仅限于
Smart Hardware Platform More and more hardware is capable of connecting through its software/hardware interface protocols. You just have to buy the device, connect it with the push of a button, and instantly enjoy a more satisfying travel experience. Developers can also quickly connect their unique products and extend the reach of your individuality through this innovative platform.
Responsive Traffic Map You can search for your destination on your phone, tell it where to go with speech recognition, or you can just drive and with a single tap the system will find the best route for you. Throughout the entire trip, no matter how fast you're driving, the system will be constantly updating to give you the quickest and least obstructed path.
A Car That Knows You No matter what device you use to start the car, the system will recognize you and provide you with different services and device data according to your identity (owner, authorized user, passenger, etc.). It can access data from YunOS, link up to the cloud platform, and analyze that data to provide services tailored to you.
智能驾驶舱 仪表盘、中控屏、后视镜,承担着特殊位置的专属使命,在你安心驾驶时,不同性质的信息出现在不同位置,通过语音、手势、方控操作,从
Take Photos as You Travel Driving will never be boring again! Just connect any supported smart device with the push of a button, and you can capture every view and every memorable moment along the way. Easily upload your memories to social media and let your friends share in each unique trip.
Use Your Voice to Communicate With Your Car As your primary internet device on the road, your car is no longer just a tool; it's your driving companion. You can use natural language to tell it what you want it to do, and even if it's not quite smart enough now, it will learn and understand you better with every trip.


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