YunOS is the internet operating system produced by Alibaba Group to connect all kinds of devices with cloud computing and an orientation towards data and services. It is highly compatible and expandable and can be used with a wide variety of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, including cell phones, internet cars, internet televisions, smart home appliances, wearables, and other smart devices including chipsets and sensors.

YunOS uses advanced technology and innovative functions with support for HTML5 and unique Web services to offer more powerful cloud services. It provides a one-stop data platform and multi-layer security framework. YunOS creates a network of devices using reliable awareness, stable connection, distributed computing, and a highly efficient flow of services.

The advantage of YunOS is its ability to provide consumers with a better user experience through context-driven network services, and empower developers.

By the end of May 2016, YunOS had been activated on over 70 million smart phones, with over 100 million smart clients.

Development History

  • On December 10, 2015, YunOS 5 Atom was launched

    On December 10th, 2015, YunOS 5 Atom was announced, bringing users an all new smart experience that is smarter, more confident, faster than other cloud services, freer, sharper, and more relaxed. In short, it was "a little of a surprising difference"

  • On July 24, 2015, YunOS Air was launched

    As the most important upgrade following the launch of YunOS 3.0, YunOS Air mainly features light desktop, fast system, more safety, rich media and intelligent cloud.

  • On October 20, 2014, YunOS 3.0 was launched

    YunOS 3.0 was officially launched. With the light card design concept and built-in original CloudCard service, new YunOS 3.0 can provide abundant and practical life services for users without downloading any application. Meanwhile, YunOS 3.0 also has competitive advantages in terms of safety experience, system effectiveness and operation experience.

  • On January 8, 2014, YunOS 2.7 was officially launched

    Lighter, faster and safer YunOS 2.7 was officially launched with a new leap. Simple style and light dotted line create unified and coherent visual and operating habits.

  • In December 2013, YunOS 2.5 was upgraded

    YunOS 2.5 was optimized continuously based on YunOS 2.3, and was introduced and promoted to YunOS mobile phones of more than 20 models before the Spring Festival of 2014.

  • On November 21, 2013, YunOS 2.3 was launched

    With new UI design, YunOS 2.3 has such new functions as payment by scene, contact's quick payment and contact's intelligent navigation, and reaches level-4 safety standard of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in terms of safety, making mobile phones more thoughtful, more personalized and safer.

  • On September 8, 2012, YunOS 2.0 was launched

    Update function: built-in cloud assistant allows users to easily manage their cloud accounts; massive free cloud space is provided, enabling users to synchronize important information with cloud space via cloud accounts or Alipay accounts at all times and places; more functions are added to cloud market, including applications meeting shopping needs and special applications for sellers on

  • On July 28, 2011, YunOS under Alibaba Group was officially launched

    Alibaba Cloud Computing Co. Ltd. under Alibaba Group held a press conference in Beijing to officially launch YunOS subordinate to Alibaba Group. On September 20, 2012, Alibaba Group announced that YunOS will run independently of Aliyun business group and be directly managed by Alibaba Group. Lu Zhaoxi, Chief Data Officer of Alibaba Group, will concurrently hold the post of President YunOS business group, while Wang Jian, Chief Technology Officer of Alibaba Group, will concurrently serve as Chairman of the Board and CTO of YunOS business group. In addition, Alibaba Group stated that USD 200 million will be invested in YunOS for making YunOS become a strategic-level product of Alibaba Group.



  • On March 2, 2013, YunOS website ( was launched

    The name of system was changed from AliCloud OS to YunOS under Alibaba Group.

  • In July 2014, YunIOS was selected as one of the government procurement suppliers

    YunOS under Alibaba Group became one of the shortlisted government procurement suppliers for China's State organs in 2014 as the only player in the mobile operating system field.

  • On July 23, 2014, YunOS entered the internet auto market

    YunOS under Alibaba Group signed the strategic cooperation agreement on internet auto with ASAIC MOTOR, and expected to impact the Internet related to people's life in all directions, develop and fuse the Internet and big data, accelerate the integration with auto industry and expand service to car owners' living area.

  • On October 21, 2014, Flyme Powered by YunOS was launched

    Meizu, jointly with YunOS under Alibaba Group, formally released Flyme Powered by YunOS system developed based on YunOS system as well as its MX4 product using such new system in Beijing.

  • On December 18, 2014, YunOS showed at China Mobile's Worldwide Partner Conference

    From December 18 to December 20, YunOS, an intelligent operating system under Alibaba Group was mentioned at China Mobile's Worldwide Partner Conference, YunOS system and ecosystem products of Powered by YunOS were fully displayed, including mobile phone, box TV, smart home, monitoring, gating and lamp control equipment, curtain and other three kinds of equipment.

  • YunOS announces Newsmy CM810

    YunOS held an online press conference to formally announce the "Newsmy CM810" cell phone which will ship with the newest YunOS 3.0 operating system. The phone, equipped with a fingerprint sensor, is priced at only RMB 1199, setting record low entry price for phones with high end fingerprint recognition.

  • YunOS receives the "CITE Innovation Award"

    At the 3rd China Information Technology Exhibition "2014 CITE Innovation Night" awards event, the PMOS mobile operating system researched and developed by the Alibaba Group YunOS and Ministry of Public Security First Research Center won the "CITE Innovation Gold Medal" and the "CITE Innovation Award", with the Changan Yun series smart car navigation system produced in conjunction with Shenzhen Roadrover Technology.

  • YunOS partners'conference held

    YunOS held the 2015 Partners Conference in Shenzhen centered on the themes of "Openness", "Mutual Benefit" and "The Future", signing contracts with ten domestic cell phone companies such as Qualcomm, chipset companies including MTK, Spreadtrum, Marvell, and Leadcore, as well as famous design companies like Huaqin, Water World, TopWise, TengRuiFeng, Uniscope, Xunrui, Haocheng, Vanzotec, and Zhiyuan.

  • New YunOS product showcases at Technology Industry Exhibition

    The Newsmy CM810 produced by YunOS and Newsmy was unveiled during the 18th China Beijing International Technology Industry Exhibition held by the Science and Technology Ministry, Industry and Informization Ministry, Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and Beijing Municipal Government.

  • YunOS showcases at National Internet Security Week

    On June 1st, at the 2nd National Internet Security week held by the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, Central Organization Office, Education Ministry, Technology Ministry, Industry and Informization Ministry, Ministry of Public Security, Press and Publication Administration of Radio, Film and Television, People's Bank of China, Central Leadership of the Communist Youth League, and China Association for Science and Technology, Alibaba Group YunOS and the Ministry of Public Security First Research Center unveiled their joint project: the PMOS mobile operating system which received positive reviews for its professional grade security functions and excellent user experience.

  • YunOS showcases at MWC

    When Alibaba first participated in the MWC Exhibition, YunOS, Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Smart, and Alibaba Telecommunications also made their first appearance, with "An Operating System for the Data Technology Age" as the theme. They exhibited a host of devices including smart phones, smart pads, smart televisions, the Tmall Magic Box, smart driving devices, and smart home appliances. Using contextualization, they connected all of these smart devices through YunOS and allowed users to experience the mobile smart lifestyle of the Data Technology Age.

  • World's first YunOS smart living experience center opens for business

    At 11am on July 16th, the first YunOS Smart Living Experience Center celebrated its grand opening in Tong Ji University in Shanghai.

  • YunOS smart ecology showcases at the Yunqi Conference

    YunOS came out with an open platform oriented towards developers and service providers, at the same time announcing two new operating system products: the YunOS Nautical Version light, and the all new YunOS for Wear.

  • YunOS 2015 annual press conference held

    The YunOS 5 Atom was announced at the YunOS 2015 Annual Press Conference which was held in the Central Hall in 751D·Park in Beijing.

  • YunOS makes a grand appearance at the 3rd China Mobile Global Partners Conference

    During the exhibition, YunOS displayed the new version of their operating system: YunOS 5 Atom, as well as a variety of new smart hardware protects, and gave an interactive demonstration of their YunOS open platform.

  • YunOS passes the National Information Technology Security Research Center Security Test

    In December of 2015, YunOS passed the Information Technology Product/System Security Test (system security, app security, data isolation mechanism) issued by the National Information Technology Security Reach Center (China People Liberation Army Information Technology Security Research Center) and became the first smart operating system to receive the qualification.

  • YunOS Internet + 4G Fullscreen Smart Rear-View Mirror Global Strategic Press Conference

    On January 28th of 2016, the YunOS operating system under Alibaba Group joined hands with ZUSCN Technology to hold the "Internet + 4G Fullscreen Smart Rear-View Mirror Global Strategic Press Conference" in the banquet hall of the 7 star Pangu hotel in Beijing.

  • YunOS showcases at Alibaba IOT Ecosystem Summit

    The "Alibaba IOT ecosystem Summit" was held in the National Conference Center in Beijing on February 29th 2016. YunOS will continue to expand and be a leader of innovation in the industry, promoting the cloud-based IOT and data/service oriented operating system, incorporating them into the chipsets of every IOT industry, creating a "pan-cloud chipsets" and building a comprehensive connection between the chip and the cloud. It will continue to develop an integrated cloud-client framework and platform for developers, allowing them speed up the development of hardware through internal hardware standardization.

  • Haier Cloud Kitchen Exhaust Hood showcases at China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Exhibition

    On March 9th, the Haier Cloud Kitchen Exhaust Hood arrived at the China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Exhibition. It uses the Alibaba Group YunOS smart operating system, making it the first kitchen appliance to make use of YunOS. While maintaining the reliability and durability of its kitchen appliances, YunOS responds to the industry trend toward smart kitchen appliances by providing safe and reliable cloud and data services. At the same time, relying on the safety and reliability of the supporting framework of the YunOS system, it allows easy browsing and shopping right on your kitchen appliances.

  • First YunOS integrated stove showcases at China (Beijing) International Building Decoration and Building Materials Exhibition

    The 23rd China (Beijing) International Building Decoration and Building Materials Exhibition was held from March 16th to 19th 2016 in the China International Exhibition Center The newest integrated stove, the Yitian S1, designed by the brand spokesperson and product creative director LIN Zhiying made an appearance at E3A09. As the first integrated stove to be made with the YunOS operating system, the S1 deeply connects the internet+ and IOT to enable things like automatic after-sale monitoring, real-time cloud data feedback, failed lighting warnings, anti-fire shield warnings, gas leak warnings, voltage change warnings, and other remote monitoring functions.

  • Fiyta Series smart watches showcase at 2016 Basel Watch Expo

    The 2016 Basel Watch Expo held on March 17th 2016 saw the unveiling of the Fiyta Yin series of retro watches. The unveiling specially featured the light smart watch in the series. This watch was built in cooperation with the Alibaba Group smart operating system YunOS and provides related services.

  • YunOS receives the 2015 China Annual T Car Network Device Award

    The 2015 China Annual T Car Network award ceremony was held on March 23rd 2016 at the Le royal Meridien Hotel in Shanghai. It was there that YunOS Auto received the "2015 China Annual T Car Network Device Award".

  • Alibaba and Teyes announce the first 4G smart rear-view mirror running YunOS

    On April 19th 2016, the world's first 4G smart rear-view mirror running YunOS smart operating system: the Teyes Tron was announced in Shenzhen.

  • First YunOS internet car showcases at 2016 Beijing International Car Expo

    On April 25th 2016 the world's first mass produced YunOS internet car, the Roewe RX5 was first revealed to the public at the 14th Beijing International Car Expo.

  • Meizu announces YunOS Meizu 3

    On April 25th 2016 Meizu formally announced its new generation smart phone, the Meizu 3, priced at RMB 599 for the 16GB version with 2GB of RAM, and RMB 799 for the 32GB version with 3GB of RAM. With the milestone Flyme 5.1 powered by YunOS, the Meizu 3 has enough battery life to last an entire day.

  • 2016 YunOS Partners Conference held

    On May 9th 2016, the Alibaba YunOS 2016 annual partners' conference was held in Shenzhen and attended by over 300 guests representing businesses in every field of the industry including chipset, planning, branding, and sales companies. In 2016 YunOS solidified its position as the third biggest mobile operating system in China, and is going to partner with Ant Group to enter the Indian market, and provide Ant Group's services to small and medium sized businesses. During the conference, YunOS announced a production target of 100 million handsets to help the small businesses create their own big brands.

  • PMOS showcases at the 8th China International Police Equipment Exhibition

    The 8th China International Police Equipment Exhibition was held from May 17th-20th 2016 by the Ministry of Public Security in the Beijing National Convention Center showcasing the police equipment from over 500 domestic and foreign businesses. The PMOS operating system developed by Alibaba YunOS in partnership with the Ministry of Public Security First Research Center also made its debut at the exhibition. The Ministry of Public Security First Research Center exhibit and ZTE exhibits also showcased their ZTE Secret 3 and ZTE Xingxing Huoli and other police security devices using the PMOS mobile operating system.

  • YunOS showcases at 2016 Guiyang Digital Exhibition

    The curtains opened at the 2016 China Big Data Industry Summit and China Electronics Business Creativity Development Summit (digital exhibition) in Guiyang on May 25th 2016. YunOS was in attendance. The exhibition was the first time YunOS exhibited the integrated medical device developed in cooperation with Mindray, the YunOS Auto smart rear-view mirrors, Teyes T8 and JADO Vision, the YunOS Baibian T200 produced in partnership with Roadrover, the Vauban Pay Watch, and the inWatch RUN marathon watch both running YunOS for Wear.

  • YunOS Haier cloud kitchen exhaust hood press conference held

    On June 2nd, 2016, Haier Kitchen Appliances and YunOS announced the cloud kitchen exhaust hood, equipped with visual/audio functions, combining cooking and entertainment, redefining the concept of a smart kitchen. The Haier cloud kitchen exhaust hood uses the YunOS smart operating system, providing users with safe and reliable operating system services and data support. At the same time, relying on the safety and reliability of the supporting framework of the YunOS system, it allows easy browsing and purchase of kitchen appliances. This partnership means that YunOS has formally announced that it has entered the kitchen appliances market.

  • YunOS jointly announces a new product with ETO & ACCO

    On June 18th, 2016, Shenzhen ETO Technologies, Ltd. hosted a joint press conference with YunOS, a business division of Alibaba, at the Howard Johnson International Hotel in Wuhan to officially announce the all new smart rear-view mirror running YunOS. Meanwhile, and YunOS have begun their first in-depth cooperation in both the smart car and Internet of Vehicles (IoV) fields. This alliance also marks as the first auto care service provider to join the YunOS Auto family.

  • YunOS showcases at 2016 MWC Shanghai

    June 29th, 2016, the 2016 Mobile World Congress Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as MWCS) officially kicked off. YunOS, a business division of Alibaba, made its grand debut in Hall N1 with a theme of "Everything Connected, Ecology Becomes the Future". This is the second year in a row since YunOS has guested MWC, which was even bigger than the previous year's in terms of scale, product ecosystem and varieties. The exhibition area showcased 4 different life scenarios: on the road, at house, at work, and at play, demonstrating core competencies of the system and comprehensiveness of YunOS IoT product layouts.

  • YunOS internet car lands in Yunqi Town

    July 6th, 2016, Alibaba Group and SAIC Motors jointly announced the OS'Car at Yunqi Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou, unveiling a powerful alliance between the two giants in the internet and automobile industries. It is the first push to get cars online, a prelude to revolutions in the car industry. At the conference, the intelligent operating system powered by YunOS was showcased in the first mass-produced internet car, the OS'Car Roewe RX5. Cars have now become a service platform, an intelligent console that can be completely independent from a mobile phone. The birth of the OS'Car has changed the rules of the game for auto manufacturers, pushing the IoT and our imagination to the next level.

  • China Telecom and Alibaba's YunOS jointly sign the Internet Of Things Cooperation Framework Agreement

    July 15th, 2016, On the inaugural day of the 2016 China Telecom Tianyi Smart Terminal Expo & Summit Forum, China Telecom and Alibaba's YunOS jointly signed the Internet of Things Cooperation Framework Agreement, announcing consumer and IoT products while promoting the IoT industry together. During the launch ceremony, YunOS customized for China Telecom showcased its first batch of intelligent rearview mirror manufacturers, respectively JADO, Roadrover, FlyAudio, Teyes, ETO, ELH, and Xiaoyi.

  • YunOS showcases at Alibaba Group Gaming Ecosystem Expo and announces the "100 Million Level Plan"

    On July 29th, 2016, the expo was hosted at The 1933 Old Neighborhood, located at 611 Liyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai. Executives from hundreds of gaming medias and thousands of other companies in the gaming industry attended the event. Youku Games, AliCloud, AliPlay and YunOS are the four Alibaba business divisions that make up the core power to the all-new game ecosystem that were the first to announce their exclusive strategy at the expo. Xiao Ruizhe, Director of Operations at YunOS, announced the "100 Million Level Plan". YunOS has currently become the third largest mobile control system, encompassing 100 million level terminals and players with a unique data-based operating capacity that provides new opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses and developers.

  • Meizu announces all-new YunOS Blue Charm E

    August 10th, 2016, Meizu Telecom held a press conference in Beijing to officially announce its new generation of smart phones, the Blue Charm E at its special price of ¥1,299, which employs Flyme powered by YunOS. The Blue Charm E utilizes the YunOS intelligent ecosystem, allowing it to connect to the OS'Car Roewe RX5.

  • Midea and Alibaba announce the first YunOS-powered internet refrigerator "OS Stratagem" and YunOS@Home All-New Smart Life

    September 8th, 2016, Midea Group and Alibaba Group convened a press conference in Beijing on the "Touch and Go, Embracing IoT" strategy and declared a strategic partnership regarding the IoT. They also announced their decision to create a Midea Internet Refrigerator powered by YunOS intelligent operating systems with the "OS Stratagem", indicating Midea and Alibaba's strategic partnership has already began across multiple fields with their joint development on all-new smart home living.

  • YunOS showcases at the 13th ASEAN-China Expo

    On September 11th, 2016, the 13th ASEAN-China Expo (hereinafter referred to as "CAEXPO") kicked off in Nanning. Alibaba and Guangxi Provincial Government jointly signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with in-depth collaboration in a number of fields including technical output, cloud computing data, Internet+, e-commerce, internet finance, and public credit system construction. This will provide the ASEAN oriented Guangxi with the best output in technology, service, trade, and talent. During the expo, YunOS showcases at the Alibaba Group Pavilion as Alibaba's innovative business division with the theme of "Embracing the IoT, and Ecosystem paving the way to the grand future". The first mass-produced OS'Car in the world, the Roewe RX5, and the Midea "OS Stratagem" Internet Refrigerator were showcased and attracted a lot of attention.

  • YunOS showcases at the 4th Mianyang Hi-Tech Expo

    September 21st, the 4th China (Mianyang) International Hi-Tech Expo is held in Mianyang with a theme of "Technological Innovation, Civil-military Integration, Openness and Cooperation." The National 12th Five-year Plan Scientific and Innovation Expo, the highest standard display platform of scientific achievements in China, is held in Mianyang at the same time. YunOS, following the steps of the National 12th Five-Year Plan Scientific and Innovation Expo, showcases at the Mianyang Hi-Tech Expo and its booth is located in the exhibition area for important and special core electronic appliances and advanced universal chip and basic software products. It showcases smart terminals, smart phones, internet cars, smart furniture, and smart wears, all backed by YunOS systems across brands including Meizu, DOOV, Konka, Roewe, and Fiyta, which were all present at the Expo.

  • World's first internet car rally officially kicks off

    On October 9th, the first rally for internet cars in the world officially kicked off. This rally for internet cars was themed "Exploring and Innovating to Reach the Stars". The race began in front of a Bashan Ding in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou and ended at another Bashan Ding at Bashan Train Station, Ankang, Shaanxi. On October 13th, while returning to the starting grounds in Yunqi, a journey that wound over 3,000 km, competitors were able to experience first-hand how an internet car handles as well as experience YunOS as a data engine bringing new power and social value to these automobiles.

  • YunOS rally team successfully reaches Bashan

    October 11th, 2016, At the tail end of the first-ever internet car rally, which included YunOS, Blue Charm E, Fiyta, Media Alliance, XCAR, ATHM, Young and Spicy, Radish, and Yongban teams spent 3 days crossing 1,700 km before finally reaching Mt. Ba Train Station, Ankang, Shaanxi before the ceremony was held in front of Bashan Ding.

  • YunOS internet car rally comes to satisfying conclusion

    At 10am on October 13th, 2016, the rally team had its first triumphant return thanks to YunOS and Roewe coming together. An awards ceremony was held at the 2016 Yunqi, Hangzhou Meeting. Including Wang Xiaoqiu, Vice President of SAIC Motor Shanghai Branch Passenger Cars; Zhang Xinquan, Chief Software Architect of SAIC Motor Information Systems; Zhang Chunhui, President of Alibaba Group OS Business Division; Zhang Lei, General Manager of Alibaba Group OS Business Group Internet Cars; and other leaders were also present for the awards ceremony.

  • YunOS showcases at 2016 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference

    October 13th - 16th, 2016 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference was hosted in Yunqi Cloud Town International Expo Center, attracting hundreds of innovative enterprises in science and technology from around the globe with over 40,000 developers in attendance. As the innovative operation of Alibaba Group, YunOS was deeply entrenched in this year's Yunqi Conference with a theme of "Embracing the IoT, Ecosystem paving the way to the grand future". At this year's Yunqi Conference, YunOS announced its strategic partnership with HP and Intel, the first announcement regarding the HP YunOS Book, foreboding the official debut of the all-new YunOS Book product and YunOS for Work platform. YunOS and Alibaba Digital Entertainment announced their cooperative research into the all-new YunOS for TV system, they also announced their strategic partnerships with TV manufacturers HP and Haier for their new smart TVs. The android Pepper powered by YunOS for Robot and the robot developer platform also made its debut. They announced the YunOS on Chip's Cloud Chip (only embedded chip in the world, non-tamper, unpredictable device ID, deployed with YunOS embedded core & YunOS cloud distributed framework, meets wireless Mesh network standards IEEE 802.11s) and working with leading manufacturers in the chip industry including Spreadtrum, Winner Micro, Espressif, Gemalto, Vimicro, NXP, Sony, ChipIntelli, Allwinner Technology, Silan, C-sky, and Synochip to announce multiple cloud chip products.

  • YunOS robot showcases at 2016 World Robot Conference

    The World Robot Conference kicked off at the Yichuang International Expo Center on October 20th, 2016 thanks to the sponsors: the Beijing Municipal Government, MIIT, and China Association for Science and Technology. With the theme "Innovation to Share to Victory, Kicking off the Smart Era", the meeting focused on robotics research, its key applications and intelligent social development, while exploring the social influence brought by robotics revolution. Pepper, the android powered by YunOS for Robot control system made her debut at the event.

  • YunOS internet car showcases at World Internet of Things Expo

    From October 30th to November 1st, thanks to the MIIT, MOST, and Jiangsu Province for hosting the event; and the Jiangsu Economic and Information Commission, Jiangsu Science and Technology Department, and Wuxi Municipal Government for their sponsorship, the 2016 World Internet of Things Expo was held at the National Sensor Network Innovation Demonstration Zone in Wuxi, Jiangsu. This event, with the theme of "Era of the Innovative Network, Sharing Global Knowledge", had its main attraction the world's first mass-produced OS'Car, the Roewe RX5, at the Taihu International Exhibition Center. Wang Jian, Chairman of Alibaba Group's Technology Committee, spoke at the "Global Internet of Things Wuxi Summit" on the morning of the 31st, he also gave a speech on the Virtuality and Realities of the Internet, using smart cars and robots as case studies, and shared his understanding of the IOT.

  • Meizu announces new YunOS Blue Charm 5

    October 31st, 2016, Meizu officially announced the next product in the Blue Charm line: the blue Charm 5 with Flyme powered by YunOS control system at a price of RMB 699.

  • YunOS receives 2016 China Mobile Innovation Week "Intelligent Terminal (Hardware) Solution of the Year"

    November 1st, 2016, the 2016 China Mobile Innovation Week and the Fourth China Mobile Design and Application Innovation Competition Awards grandly announced that Alibaba Group's intelligent operating system, YunOS, won the Intelligent Terminal (Hardware) Solution of the Year Award.

  • YunOS participates in China Unicom Crowd-funding 4.0 with ecological partners

    November 3rd, 2016, YunOS, along with Young and Spicy and other ecosystem partners, showcased at the 2016 China Unicom Partners Conference.

  • Blue Charm 5, Roewe 5, and other YunOS Products included in T-mall 11/11 hot list

    T-mall announced its Hot List on November 3rd, 2016, at the T-mall 11/11 Trend Event. YunOS new Blue Charm 5 and YunOS' first internet car the Roewe RX5 put on the YunOS 11/11 Sales.

  • YunOS achieves greatness on 11/11

    YunOS was deeply involved in the 2016 11/11 and its achievements grew by 90.8%: YunOS Roewe 5 internet car sold out in the T-mall custom section, the YunOS Sharp 70" Internet TV broke 100 million sales, the YunOS Blue Charm 5 smart phone broke 500 million sales, and the YunOS FlyAudio T8 Intelligent Rearview Mirror sold 3 million sales in just 10 minutes. Alibaba Smart Living broke 1.2 billion sales, and Ali Telecom broke 800 million sales.

  • YunOS announces new internet car and Alibaba YunOS Auto sponsors the 2016 FIFA World Club Cup

    At the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 18th, 2016, Alibaba once again worked with SAIC Motor to make the YunOS system available on three internet car models, including the MGZS, Roewe eRX5, and Roewe i6. At the same time, Alibaba YunOS General Manager Zhang Chunhui officially announced that the consolidated internet car services have become the all-new YunOS Auto, and the new YunOS Auto will be the title sponsor of the 2016 FIFA World Cup. YunOS Auto will cover an even wider range of vehicles, bringing even greater value to its partners and users.

  • On the way to the rest of the world, YunOS announces All New Smart TV with Cybo

    On December 8th, 2016, YunOS and Cybo held a joint press conference in Bangkok. Partnership with Cybo means that YunOS has officially embarked on the overseas markets. YunOS and Cybo are working to produce a line of PRISMA Smart TVs powered by YunOS TV ranging from 32" to 65". These products will be launched in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Consumers can purchase these new TVs both online and offline.

  • YunOS Appears at GWC 2016's Member Annual Meeting Summit Forum

    2016's Member Annual Meeting. This annual meeting featured a spotlight forum with the theme "From Silicon Valley to Yunqi Town · The Driving Force of Innovation" guested by some 300 top-notch entrepreneurs from the high-tech industry in Yunqi Town in Hangzhou to carry out a series of brainstorming and dialogues between technological and industrial elites. Wang Jian, Alibaba Technical Committee Chairman; Zhang Chunhui, YunOS President of Alibaba Group; Zhou Jingren, Chief Scientist of Alibaba Cloud; Wen Chu, Founder of GWC; Hao Yi, CEO of GWC; Shou-Cheng Zhang, Physics Professor at Stanford University; Yu Kai, Founder and CEO of Horizon Robotics; Longbing Cao, Professor of Engineering and Information Technology at University of Technology Sydney; Hui Xiong, Business School Professor of Rutgers Center – The State University of New Jersey, as well as other important guests attended the Summit Forum.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Collects Alibaba YunOS Auto's MVP after the FIFA Club World Cup 2016 Final Match

    On December 18, 2016, FIFA Club World Cup 2016 Final, title sponsored by Alibaba YunOS Auto, was held in Yokohama National Athletic Stadium, Japan. UEFA Champions League Real Madrid won a 4:2 victory over Japan Kashima Antlers to win the FIFA Club World Cup Championship. To add to his personal honor, Cristiano Ronaldo was awarded Alibaba YunOS Auto's the Most Valuable Player.

  • YunOS Appears at China Mobile Partners Conference 2016

    On December 18, 2016, the China Mobile Global Partners Conference 2016 was held in Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou with the theme "Dreams Connected, With You" that aimed to present a brand new picture for smart living. As a strategic partner, YunOS, an innovative business division under Alibaba, , proudly appeared with their "eco-products" and comprehensively demonstrated innovative ideas for working, living, and traveling in the online era under the slogan "Embracing the IoT, Ecosystem paving the way to the grand future".
    During the 4G business and terminal development forum of this conference, Zhang Chunhui, YunOS President, shared his view in the topic "Connected·Online". He said that in the era of the Internet of things, YunOS will create a concerted intelligent platform that ties users' behavioral data in different scenarios together. This way, people, goods and services, which were previously spread throughout three separate networks, are now bound together to form one single user-centric network that allows full utilization of data and provides much better user experiences.

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